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The timed practice of the MAXX Formula started on Saturday 29.08.2020 with cloudy skies, 17 degrees and dry weather at 10:30 am.

Quotes of the teams and drivers before the qualifying:

The team H&A Racing / Austria with driver Bernd Herndlhofer, had technical problems with the Arrows A22 Formula 1 during the free practice on Friday.

According to Martin Herndlhofer, the problem is solved and the Arrows F1 is able to perform at full power during the qualifying.

Driver and team are hopeful to put the Arrows F1 on one of the top positions.

Also the other drivers of H&A Racing / Austria, Veronika Jaksch and Wolfgang Jordan are ready with their cars to intervene in the events and drive fast lap times.

Anton Werner / Germany from Ryschka Motorsport / Germany said about the structure of his Dallara Indycar that the car needs a completely different way of driving like a GP 2 car.

In addition, the Indycar is about 100 KG heavier than its competitors in the Advance class of Maxx Formula.

Anton Werner / Germany has been a racing driver with very fast cars for years and said that he first had to get used to this car.

The remaining teams of the MAXX Formula stated after consultation on Saturday morning that they are fully operational as far as driver and vehicle are concerned.


The actual MAXX Formula qualifying started at 10:30 am.

The weather got even better and the conditions for driving for a pole position were ideal.

All MAXX Formula teams could start the training and set their times.

Right from the start the drivers were fully engaged.

The times tumbled on the monitor non-stop.

Allessandro Bracalente from Italy from Team Speed-Center/ Germany set the bar with his GP2 with a time of 1.21.951.

Christopher Brenier / France from Team Easy Formula, tried to beat this time with a 1.23.138.

Kurt Böhlen from Switzerland of Team Speed-Center/Germany was also fast with a time of 1.24.426.

But Alessandro Bracalente from Italy did not give up the pole position in the Advance class.

In the Prestige class everything looked like a pole position for Wolfgang Jaksch / Germany from the FXtreme Racing Team, with a time of 1.25.115.

But then Bernd Herndlhofer drove his Arrows A22 with a great time of 1.23.072 and achieved the pole position in the Prestige Class of the MAXX Formula.

In the Masters class Michael Grosse-Aschhoff / Germany in his Reynard 95D – Formula 3000 achieved the pole position with a time of 1.29.534 despite technical problems with the car, which he brought back to the pits.

Karl-Heinz Becker / Germany from Team Becker Motorsport followed in the other places with a time of 1.31.849 and Felix Grosse-Aschhoff with a time of 1.31.877.

Overall fastest of the qualifying of the MAXX Formula from 29.08.2020 in Most/CZE was Alessandro Bracalente in his GP2-Dallara with a time of 1.21.951 !

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