MAXX Formula GP Czech Republic Race 1 – freak weather, grid confusion and tire poker

On 28. August 2021

The Saturday MAXX Formula race was again influenced by unpredictable weather conditions. Whereas the eastern part of the track was mostly dry, an isolated rain shower set the western part under water and the drivers became aware of the situation not before leaving the pit for the starting grid.

Safe with rain tyres or risky with slicks

Only 5 cars went directly to their starting position on slicks while the rest of the field decided to again enter the pits and change for the wet`s. Among the cars with the slicks were the pole setter, Christopher Brenier (FRA) as well as Bernd Herndlhofer (AUT), Martin Kindler (SUI), Stephan Glaser (SUI) and the local female pilot Veronika Jaksch (CZ). During the formation lap, all cars from the pits closed the gap and got in line right behind the 5 cars who initially started from the grid. After a clean passing through turn 1, Herndlhofer put immediate pressure on the leader Christopher Brenier and tried to attack him already in turn 9. Unfortunately, his impatience lead to a slide-slip in the middle of the still wet turn, he ultimately spun out and buried his car in the gravel bed. Kurt Böhlen (SUI), one of the three front runners for the race win, started on a different tire strategy (wet`s) and was able to firstly follow Brenier within sight. Martin Kindler (SUI) could also not escape from one of the wet spots at the beginning of the race and he lost his car, spinning towards the gravel bed and ending up with a DNF. Anton Werner (GER) showed steady control over his Indy Car and he established himself on P3 with constant lap times. Gilles Brenier (FRA), the second SuperLeague Formula driver, surprised the crowd with a great performance under these difficult conditions and he nailed the second fastest lap time of all race contenders, finally only beaten by his son Christopher.

Christopher Brenier convinces with a flawless race performance

The midfield was controlled by Karl-Heinz Becker. The German legend profited again from his vast experience of 50+ years in circuit racing and he honestly earned P5 without a doubt. After passing Stephan Glaser, the Speed Center pilot Christian Eicke managed to see the chequered flag on P6 and even a spin during the race did not lead to a loss of his final position. Stephan Glaser has been left with P2 in Master Class and P7 overall, he was not able to push constantly and was literally fighting with the unpredictable conditions. More or less the same problems had Veronika Jaksch (CZ), who was actually keen to focus on a good race result, but she did not feel comfortable enough to take the necessary risk in order to achieve a better position as P8. The race win finally went again to Christopher Brenier (FRA), who extended his championship lead with another remarkable and flawless race performance. Kurt Böhlen`s pace on the rain tires was simply not strong enough to put pressure on Brenier, but at the end still good enough to secure P2 overall.

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Race 1 Results