MAXX Formula Season 2021

On 4. February 2021
We are pleased that the organization around MAXX Formula – President Wolfgang Jaksch has now announced the dates for the year 2021.
The MAXX Formula will offer in 2021, as last year, the fans and spectators exciting battles between man and machine on international race tracks around the world.
A wide variety of formula cars with “glory”, that is, great racing – history will compete in 2021 in the ultra-fast racing class MAXX Formula, such as : Formula 1, GP2, Indy Car, Superleague Formula, Formula 3000, Nissan AER 2.0 Turbo and Nissan World Series 3.5 cars.
Spectators and motorsport fans can enjoy the performance of the teams and drivers, but also the powerful voices of the MAXX Formula cars.
True to the motto of the MAXX Formula :
MAXXimum Power…!!!
MAXXimum Speed…!!!
MAXXimum Noise…!!!
Also in 2021 the MAXX Formula race series will present breathtaking and fascinating motorsports on five different race tracks in five different countries with a total of 10 races.
Until then, see you !
Stay healthy !
Text: MAXX Formula Press from Ludwig-Motor-Sport / Germany 
A shimmering season final!

A shimmering season final!

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The comeback of the Rain Man!

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