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45000 racing fans enjoying an exciting and safe race weekend

One of the biggest motorsport events allover Europe, the “Jack`s Racing Day” (formerly known as Gamma Racing Days), set an example of how big sports events shall be organized under the still existing Covid pandemic. All participating teams, it`s staff as well as the approx. 45000 racing fans were able to enjoy an exciting, thrilling and in the same time safe event weekend within an excellent controlled environment in regards to the Covid testing measures.

The MAXX Formula GP Netherlands was represented by 12 drivers in all three classes, whereas Klaas Zwart gave his comeback race with his Jaguar F1 after a sabbatical in 2020. Unfortunately, several pilots were not able to attend due to unsolved technical problems with their big open single seaters or hesitating with the travel restrictions due to Covid 19. The great news is, that all MAXX Formula sessions during the race weekend could be performed thoroughly without any accident or a safety car stage.

Based on the results and impressions from the MAXX Formula GP France at Paul Ricard, it was expected, that the overall race wins could be again characterized by a tackle between Christopher Brenier (FRA) and Wolfgang Jaksch (GER). The first free practice was dominated by Klaas Zwart, who took the opportunity to get back his green Jaguar with the distinctive V10 sound on track, followed by Wolfgang Jaksch. In the Advance Class, it was Martin Kindler, the Swiss pilot, who could achieve the fastest lap time in his class in FP1, followed by his fellow-countryman Christian Eicke. P5 was caught by Hans Laub (GER), the newcomer Frank Thomas showed a great initial performance with his Dallara Worlds Series by Renault, ending up at P6, P7 went to Stefan Glaser (SUI) and P8 went to Veronika Jaksch. She changed the race car to her GP2 again after successfully racing the newly rebuilt Toro Rosso F1 STR8 at Paul Ricard. The car still needs to undergo some maintenance prior to being back on track again. The field was completed by Peter Göllner (SUI) and Karl-Heinz Becker (GER). The Easy Formula Team with the two SuperLeague Formula V12 cars were on track as well, but du to transponder issues no time had been recorded.

In FP2 all cars went on track finally and it was again the flying dutchman Zwart, who lead the scoreboard followed by Christopher Brenier and Wolfgang Jaksch. Gilles Brenier (FRA) followed on P4 and Hans Laub (GER) showed great improvement already in FP2 and ended up on P5, followed by Peter Göllner (SUI), who also greatly improved comparing to the morning session. Stefan Glaser (SUI) classified himself again in the midfield, leading the Masters Class of MAXX Formula in FP2, passed by Christian Eicke (SUI). Second in Masters Class was Frank Thomas on P9, Martin Kindler (SUI) faced some issues with the electronics and could not further push in FP2. P11 went to Karl-Heinz Becker and Veronika Jaksch (CZE) completed the field on P12, having issues with her break system.

The cards were on the table for the late afternoon qualifying session and from it`s beginning an exciting challenge for P1 could be witnessed between Christopher Brenier (FRA) and Wolfgang Jaksch (GER). It was Brenier, who first of all set the best lap time in his first stint, but Jaksch immediately riposted with a new best time. The second stint of Brenier got him again a 4/10 lead and it was on Jaksch now to fight for the pole in his final attempt. After a faster first sector, his Super Aguri F1 SA 06 suddenly stopped on track, followed by white smoke out of his left exhaust and it appeared to be a massive engine failure. As Klaas Zwart was not rolling out for the qualifying session, Christopher Brenier celebrated pole position and for Wolfgang Jaksch, the race weekend ended dramatically on P2. Hans Laub again improved in qualifying and finished P3 (second in Advanced Class) followed by Gilles Brenier and Martin Kindler. The two swiss fellowmen Peter Göllner and Christian Eicke achieved P6 and P7 and Stefan Glaser ended up on P8 overall leading the Masters Class. Veronika Jaksch greatly improved comparing to FP2 on P9. Behind her Frank Thomas and Karl-Heinz Becker completed the field.

Maxx Formula GP Netherlands – The race Reports

Anticipating the outcome, it was Klaas Zwart, who dominated Race 1 and showed his home crowd an error free and exciting one man show, winning the race without having any competition on track. Christopher Brenier again won the Advance Class and finished P2 overall. Martin Kindler made a great comeback comparing to qualifying and was able to eradicate his electronic issues. He made it a clean P3 overall and second in Advanced Class. Hans Laub was on his tail towards the end of the race but could not get him passed. P5 went to Gilles Brenier, behind him it was Christian Eicke finishing P6, Veronika Jaksch P7, Frank Thomas P8, Stephan Glaser P9, and Karl-Heinz Becker P10. Peter Göllner had to retire his car after the first lap and was not classified.

The second race began with a technical issue of Klaas Zwart, who went back in the pits after the outlap to the starting grid. It looked like all was prepared now for a prospective race win for Christopher Brenier, who lead the grid in race 2. And so it happened. The front-runner for the MAXX Formula GP title 2021 met the expectations and presented himself with a clean and undoubtable wire to wire! P2 was literally nailed by Hans Laub, who showed a great fight over the entire race with Martin Kindler. Kindler, who started in front of Laub was able to defend his position at first, but needed to give away his position after increasing pressure of Hans Laub. He was even passed during the race by Gilles Brenier. The Swiss pilot Peter Göllner showed also a great comeback after retiring the car in race 1 and finished P6. Stephan Glaser on P7 won the Masters Class with a steady P7 overall, Veronika Jaksch made it a P8 and the two other Masters Class contenders Karl-Heinz Becker and Frank Thomas completed the field. Unfortunately Christian Eicke could not start due to a defective exhaust. Ultimately, Klaas Zwart still joined race 2 out of the pits after two laps and gave his home crowd again a great show as he was literally plowing through the field and got finally classified on P5.

Photo Gallery: Maxx Formula Assen 2021

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