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Veni, Vidi, Vici! – Phil Stratford (USA) celebrated his first win in his first appearance ever with MAXX Formula!


Monza, the Temple of Speed, always a permanent magnet for big open single seaters – however Covid paid its toll again and in the same time the impact of the restrictions and lack of resources inhibited a big grid as several pilots of the MAXX Formula Championship line-up are still suffering from severe car-damages and can`t get their cars ready to race again in decent time.

A grid of 10 finally started into the race weekend with a 40-minute practice, followed by a late afternoon qualifying. With the exception of Karl-Heinz Becker and also Phil Startford, who both lost their cars in Kurva Grande and Lesmo 2 during the practice sessions, the qualifying was dominated by the Swiss F2 pilot Martin Kindler, who nailed P1 and claimed pole position for the two races on Saturday and Sunday. P2 and P3 were achieved by the two newcomer Felix and Michael Grosse-Aschhoff from Asche Racing who, for the first time, appeared on track with their completely rebuilt GP2`s. P4 went to Anton Werner, who again excited the fans with his massive IndyCar. Veronika Jaksch found pace this time pretty quickly and claimed P5 ahead of Wolfgang Jordan, who also, for the first time, showed his skills on track during a MAXX Formula race weekend. Kurt Böhlen (SUI), usually a serious candidate for pole, had technical problems with his brakes and was not able to push for a fast lap, he ended up in P7. Pierre Schröder, another newcomer this weekend, got his brand new and stunning looking Wolf GB 08 F1 Extreme fresh from the Italian factory and utilized the race weekend for the first roll-out of his race beast.

Race 1 on Saturday faced a sunny royal park and perfect, dry conditions. After a clean start, Martin Kindler took the lead out of turn 1 and Phil Stratford as well as Kurt Böhlen literally plowed through the field and established themselves quickly behind the Swiss leader. The Californian F1 driver with his beautiful Benetton B197 provided a great show to the tifosi and it was clear, that he came all the way from the US west coast to win this race on one of his favorite tracks – and so he did! Martin Kindler, P2 and Kurt Böhlen, P3 could not follow his pace and Stratford passed the chequered flag with a clean win and a huge gap of 37 seconds! He came, saw and won! Anton Werner earned a podium in the Advanced Class with a P4 overall, followed by Wolfgang Jordan und Felix Grosse-Aschhoff. Unfortunately, Michael Grosse Aschhoff as well as Veronika Jaksch and also Pierre Schröder had to retire their cars with technical problems.

Official pre-season test of the “Landsail MAXX Formula”

18. January 2023

The official and exclusive pre-season test of the Landsail MAXX Formula racing series will take place this year at Slovakiaring/SVK on March 20-21. Registrations (also from external interested drivers and teams owning a formula car registered for one of the […]


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