Most: Alessandro Bracalente wins his first Maxx Formula race

On 31. August 2020
The 2nd race of the MAXX Formula on 30.08.2020 in Most / CZE, started on Sunday morning at 10:00 am with heavy clouds / 17 degrees and dry weather.
Already in the pre-start and the introductory lap it started spectacularly.

Veronika Jaksch / CZE from Team H&A Racing came into the pits at the beginning of the race. According to Veronika Jaksch there were technical problems. Thus the 2nd race of the MAXX Formula was unfortunately over very quickly for the likeable racer.

Bernd Herndlhofer from Austria of the H&A Racing Team was very unlucky on this Sunday. On Saturday in the 1st race of the MAXX Formula he won the race in a sovereign manner and set a new lap record on the Most race track, with a time of 1.22.981.
The old lap record was held by DTM driver Stefan Mücke with a time of 1.25.610.
This Sunday, however, the worm was in it. Bernd Herndlhofer retired at the beginning of the race. He had no more drive, according to Bernd Herndlhofer this was due to gearbox problems on his Arrows A22 F1.


Next unlucky guy in the 2nd race of the MAXX Formula was Peter Göllner.
Göllner drove into the pits at the beginning of the race and was unable to resume the race.

Then the race started in Most with the remaining drivers of the MAXX Formula, which turned out to be a very exciting one.
At the start the Italian Alessandro Bracalente took the lead with his GP2.
A few laps later the change in the lead followed, Christopher Brenier from France took the lead with his Superleague Formula. Christopher Brenier extended his lead in the race.
With 13 minutes left in the race, there was a yellow phase, no overtaking !
Brenier still on place 1, behind him Bracalente followed by Böhler.
With 9 minutes to go Karl-Heinz Becker continues to lead the Masters class in his Worldseries by Nissan. Followed by father and son Grosse-Aschhoff in their Formula 3000 cars.

6 minutes before the end of the race the yellow phase is cancelled.
Change of leadership at the top of the Advance class. Alessandro Bracalente overtakes Christopher Brenier, Böhler remains in 3rd place.
Bracalente doesn’t give up his lead of the 2nd race of the MAXX Formula until the finish line and snaps himself closely followed by Christopher Brenier, the victory of the 2nd race of the MAXX Formula in Most / CZE.
Kurt Böhler maintains his 3rd rank and can be happy about a podium place.

A great race was also driven by Anton Werner from Germany on his Indycar from Team Ryschka / Germany. He crossed the finish line on 5th place, after technical problems in the 1st race a good result for driver and team from Germany.

Result of the 2nd race of MAXX Formula in Most on Sunday, 30.08.2020 :


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