Adverse weather conditions in the 2nd free practice in Monza make for difficult conditions!

On 25. September 2020

On Friday afternoon, the 25.09.2020 with light rain and very cold weather ( 14 degrees ), the 2nd free Practice started at 14:00 o’clock , for the MAXX Formula in Monza / Italy.

The track was half wet and half dry, so it was very difficult to drive. An old racing driver wisdom says: Better the track wet or naturally dry than this half wet and half dry condition.

In the beginning the training started with 5 cars. After about 10 minutes there was a yellow phase and most drivers came into the box. After the yellow phase was over, the drivers resumed training.

Increasingly the track began to dry up and the drivers’ time chase started.

A duel developed between Kurt Böhlen (Switzerland) and Matthias Lüthen (Germany), both of them in a GP2 from Team Speed-Center were on the road.

The times tumbled from round to round. At the end of the training Matthias Lüthen had the lead with a time of 1.55.242 and was therefore the fastest of the training !

Sensationel 3rd fastest in the overall ranking was Karl-Heinz Becker ( Germany ) with a time of 2.11.107 !

Wolfgang Jaksch (Germany) with his Super Aguri Formula 1 took the 4th place overall.

Further placements of the 2nd free practice, see time list !

Text: MAXX Formula Presse by Ludwig – Motor – Sport / Germany


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